Palestine is Here, a project of Researching the American-Israeli Alliance (RAIA), is a database tracking Israeli military ties to American local government, police departments, corporations, and academic institutions. Using simple search algorithms to help activists expose the connections between American and Israeli state violence in their communities, the database works to support direct grassroots organizing to end US militarized trainings, academic collaborations, and technological exchanges with Israel.


As a research organization committed to the movement for justice in Palestine in the United States, RAIA’s focus is the coordination, collaboration, and exchange of technologies, weapons, and expertise between the US and Israel under the banner of security and counterterrorism. Palestine has become a laboratory for security regimes around the world that intend to suppress, pacify, and even disappear unwanted populations. The ongoing colonization of Palestine serves as the foundation of Israeli security expertise, which plays a leading role in the current process of global militarization. At RAIA, we seek to raise awareness of the close collaboration between the Israeli and American governments to surveil, profile, and control social movements, communities of color, and other marginalized populations in order to suppress popular resistance.


Our interactive database is designed to serve your campaign and is shaped by both your needs and your existing data. RAIA’s  research process starts with identifying who is facilitating and funding exchanges between Israel and your local police department,  government agency, or university. Using Palestine is Here, you can search for local exchanges in your community using basic  keywords and your location. After identifying and researching the exchanges, we will work with your local organizations and communities to build strategic and effective campaigns to end these exchanges.